We teach circus arts in Cambridge. Come and learn aerial acrobatics like trapeze, silks, hoop or corde lisse. Take up the unicycle, juggling, diabolo or hula hoop. We meet every Sunday for our main practice and new people are always welcome. Each year, you can join our summer school, and come see our death-defying show at the Strawberry Fair .

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Cambridge Community Circus : It’s not the end but a new beginning…

New Space - New Timetable!

We are delighted to announce that after anxious times searching for a new venue we have secured an interim solution so that activities can continue over the summer and there is the strong probability of a permanent new home, hopefully in October.

Our new temporary base will be in St George’s Church Hall, Chesterfield Road (down Fraser Road, off Milton Road), Cambridge CB4 1LN. We have booked practice time here for August and September – see timetable below.

We have been meeting with the minister of St George’s, Rev. Ruth Adams, who is very keen that the church itself becomes a permanent home for CCC. This is a huge building with tremendous aerial possibilities. The church is used for services on Sunday mornings and one evening a week for just six months of the year, effectively giving us 24/7 access. We would have to purchase and construct a free-standing aerial rig and the minister is happy for this to be left permanently up. She is very positive about forming a partnership with CCC but these plans have to be approved by the Parish Council and the Archdeacon. Realistically we can’t expect confirmation until mid September. In the meantime the minister is allowing us to store all equipment in the church.

Timetable for August / September in the Church Hall:

Sunday 13.00-15.00 Youth Circus (please note new times)
15.00-17.00 Aerial Conditioning
17.00-20.00 General Practice

Tuesday 19.30-21.30 Aerial Conditioning / General Practice

Saturday 17.00-19.00 Aerial Conditioning / General Practice

Payment for sessions: Payment will remain at £2 an hour for every session except Youth Circus which remains at £8 per session. There will be no weekly passes. The designated leader of each session will ask attendees to sign a register and will also collect money due.

Aerial: We regret that we cannot immediately run aerial courses or practice sessions. We are looking into the feasibility of purchasing a modular rig that could be assembled for limited sessions in the Church Hall and then extended to provide excellent aerial opportunities in the church at a later date. We hope that aerialists will take advantage of the aerial conditioning sessions in the hall during the summer.

Youth Circus: The last session at Citylife will be on Sunday 20th July (but stay for the show & party!). There will not be a session on Sunday 27. Regular Sunday sessions will begin at St George’s Church Hall on Sunday 3rd August from 1.00-3.00.

Dates: The last full session in the Citylife building will be on Sunday 20 July with a celebratory show and party beginning at 3.30.
There will be a last aerial session on Sunday 27th July from 3.00.
General practice for the groundlings will take place at St George’s Church Hall for the first time on Sunday July 27th from 5.00-8.00 and the new timetable will operate from this date.

We are confident that we have secured a long-term future for CCC and we are excited about the prospect of having a permanent home. We hope that you will take advantage of the summer sessions. Please check for any updates and speak to any committee member if you have any queries or suggestions.
The committee is Rachael (Dolly) Arkle, Mark Batty, Abi Cooper, Ben French, Eddie Konig, Calvin Sambrook, David Stone & Dave Wise who can be contacted by email at camcircuscommittee@googlegroups.com

Eddie Konig on behalf of the CCC Committee.


For more information on the Aerial classes and courses see the Aerial Booking page.

Sundays are our busiest and most social session. If you want to do something but aren't sure what then pop along on a Sunday as there is usually a bit of everything going on!

Are timetables run in 7 week blocks with most courses lasting 6 weeks

June - July Timetable

If you are unsure what level course you should attend please see our guide HERE or pop us an e-mail. 

Day-Day Timetable



 If you wish to subscribe to the CamCircus calendar please click HERE 

All courses last for 6 weeks, have a limited number of places and need to be signed up for inadvace of the course starting unless specified otherwise. The date given is the course start date.



All our classes and courses are labbeled according to what level of ability they are suitable for these are as follows;

Introduction - Courses for complete beginners or those with very little experience of aerial.

Beginners - For those still needing to be signed off but having practiced aerial previously.

Improvers - For those nearly or recently signed off aiming to really ensure good technique and wishing to develop a bit more than the basics.

Intermediate - For students who have a solid understanding of all the basics but wish to develop more. Most students would be expected to have a year experience of aerial.

Advanced - For those with at least a couple of years experience wishing to push their skills and practice further.

Our drop-in classes run every week and don't need to be signed up for.

Practice Sessions

We have a number of practice session throughout the week. These sessions are for people to practice skills and rehearse routines nothing is formally taught during these sessions though people often meet up and train or skill share together. If you want to practice aerial you will need to be signed off (more info HERE);

General Practice Sessions - Open to all skills and abilities. The space is shared by all users so compromises might need to be made if you require lots of space. 

Aerial Practice Sessions - A time for aerialists to practice without the interference of those pesky ground based people.

Juggling & Spinning

If you are a juggler, poi spinner or contact juggler then Sunday and Tuesday nights are for you, with an emphasis on juggling on Sunday and spinning on Tuesday. If you have never juggled before or are yet to spin a hoop or catch a diabolo then please come down to our Sunday session, they are always busy and there are always people happy to teach beginners a trick or two. We have plenty of all the basic equipment so if you don't have any of your own don't let it hold you back.

We run occasional courses in specific skills such as poi and staff and one off workshops on Tuesdays which get announced via our facebook page and on our website above. 


We run all sorts of courses and class in a great variety of aerial skills. There is more explanation about our aerial classes on the Aerial Classes page.

Movement Training

Movement training is a mix of free running and tricking. Classes involve dynamic condition and aim to raise body and spatial awareness through movement (lots of running, rolling and jumping over things). The Wednesday class is mixed ability and suitable for beginners as well as those with a bit more experience. If you have previous experience it is still worth coming down as many experienced free runners hang out and are involved with CCC

Youth Circus

For more information about our Youth Circus please look HERE


These classes are open to those who are 16+ and need to be attended in pairs. Classes only run during Term Time and take place in SAFFRON WALDEN. If you haven't been before then you will need to join a beginners class, these take place whenever enough people have shown interest (roughly once a month) so please get in contact via our e-mail address


You can find us down the ramp at the rear of the City Life Building (formerly the Howard Mallett Centre), Sturton Street, Cambridge, CB1 2QT, UK.