We teach circus arts in Cambridge. Come and learn aerial acrobatics like trapeze, silks, hoop or corde lisse. Take up the unicycle, juggling, diabolo or hula hoop. We meet every Sunday for our main practice and new people are always welcome. Each year, you can join our summer school, and come see our death-defying show at the Strawberry Fair .

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No Circus Monday 11th April 2016

Due to a church event there is no circus on Monday 11th April 2016 (tommorrow).

Spring Courses 2016

New Structured Courses – The announcement you’ve all been waiting for smile emoticon
Our booking site is now open for the next set of structured courses. These 6-week courses run from the 5th/7th of April to the 10th/12th May with a slipdate of 17&19 May. The booking site only shows the first day of each course as you can’t book to start part-way through, you only need to book that one session and the system will do the rest. Please note the course requirements in the description especially for the acroyoga course as this is not suitable for beginners. For more details follow this link: https://www.smoothbook.co/ap/index.php/smart/home/2703

First Courses of 2016


Starting Tuesday 16 February we have two new courses, Acroyoga and Flexibility.

Acroyoga 19:30 to 21:00
No prior experience of acro or yoga needed, and no need to be super fit/flexible to join in. We'll be teaching the basics and concentrating on good technique/alignment in a safe and fun enjoyment. 
All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new skills and to support others. We'll work on some of the basic poses/movements along with a bit of conditioning work and coordination/movement patterns to help improve your bodies motor skills.
Come play, have fun and learn some new skills with like-minded people. Along with getting some great new profile pictures to impress your friends!

Flexibility 20:00 to 21:30
Whatever aerial you prefer you can never be flexible enough so whether you're looking for that amazing back-bend, the final 1cm into box-splits or simply to be able to straddle at all this is the class for you.

Each course will run for 6 weeks in a 7-week window: 16 and 23 Feb, 1, 8, 15, 22 March with a slip date of 29 March. Each costs £50 for the course and will be in the cosy warm hall.


Use this link to book



Timetable for February/March 2016.

Everything is in the Church except Tuesday prebooked courses and ground based on Sundays.

Youth Circus

Sunday 2-4pm Youth Circus.

Ground based incl. juggling, diabolo, flower stick, hula hoop ...

All sessions are £2 an hour

The main session is Sunday 5-8pm. (During this time both the Church and Church Hall are available.) This is where you'll see the most jugglers and ground based skills.

We are also open for ground based practice on Sunday 3pm - 8pm, Monday 6:30-9:30pm and Wednesday 7pm - 9pm.


Sunday 4-6pm Aerial drop-in. Taught sessions for beginners and improving aerialists. £10 the session.
Sunday 6-8pm Aerial practice. Unsupervised training for signed-off aerialists only. £5 per hour.
Monday 7.00-9:00pm Aerial practice. Unsupervised training for signed-off aerialists only. £5 per hour.
Wednesday 6:30-8.00pm Aerial drop-in. Taught sessions for beginners and improving aerialists. £10 the session.
Wednesday 8:00-9:30pm Aerial practice. Unsupervised training for signed-off aerialists only. £5 per hour.

Acrobalance classes continue in Saffron Walden.

Payment for sessions: Ground based practice remains £2 an hour but aerial is now £5 an hour.


Practice Sessions

We have a number of practice session throughout the week. These sessions are for people to practice skills and rehearse routines nothing is formally taught during these sessions though people often meet up and train or skill share together.

General Practice Sessions - Open to all skills and abilities. The space is shared by all users so compromises might need to be made if you require lots of space. 

Aerial Conditioning - Keep in shape and in touch while we prepare for our new aerial space.

Juggling & Spinning

If you are a juggler, poi spinner or contact juggler then Sunday nights at 5are for you. If you have never juggled before or are yet to spin a hoop or catch a diabolo then please come down to our Sunday session, they are always busy and there are always people happy to teach beginners a trick or two. We have plenty of all the basic equipment so if you don't have any of your own don't let it hold you back.

We run occasional courses in specific skills such as poi and staff and one off workshops on Tuesdays which get announced via our facebook page and on our website above. 


We have a new rig! See above for timetable and announcements.

If you are wondering what to wear then ideally, a leotard or long top (e.g. t-shirt) and leggings, or long possibly tight trousers if you don't want to wear leggings.  DO NOT wear jewellery or watches. For silks especially don't wear jeans or anything similar, as they can rip the fabric. We suggest wearing socks and leg warmers for the warm-up and in between practice during the colder months, though no socks while on the silks. 

We have sign off sheets that we require people to have completed before practising in open practice sessions. What these sheets mean is that we think you are safe and competent enough to practise. There is a sign off sheet for each bit of equipment. If you have done aerial before and believe yourself to be competent then please get in contact, camcircaerial@gmail.com, and we can arrange for you to meet up with a member of our aerial staff who can sign you off.

Movement Training

Movement training is a mix of free running and tricking. Classes involve dynamic condition and aim to raise body and spatial awareness through movement (lots of running, rolling and jumping over things). Note: Movement Training is no longer run through CCC. See the movement training facebook page for up to date information.

Youth Circus

For more information about our Youth Circus please look HERE Starting again on the 20th September 2015!


These classes are open to those who are 16+ and need to be attended in pairs. Classes only run during Term Time and take place in SAFFRON WALDEN. If you haven't been before then you will need to join a beginners class, these take place whenever enough people have shown interest (roughly once a month) so please get in contact via our e-mail address


Our new home is St George's Church, Chesterfield Road (down Fraser Road, off Milton Road), Cambridge CB4 1LN.