CHAOS.ORG.UK is a collection of machines owned and maintained by a group of friends. We've got a pretty diverse collection of pages, including some experimental active pages which are written in the PHP scripting language and use a number of PostGres95 databases to provide long term storage of information and perform search operations over this information.

Software we use:

Linux is our operating system of choice.

Apache 1.1.1 HTTPD
This is the web (HTTP) server that we run. It has numerous added bits of software built to make a very flexible server.

gd 1.2
Generate GIFs dynamically as part of serving pages within the web server

PHP is a scripting language. It is built into our Apache server and provides access to the Postgres databases to make the active web pages.

Postgres95 is a powerful free SQL database. Our active pages are based on Postgres databases.

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