of Compass Points 17

The journal of the BCRA Cave Surveying Group, September 1997

AGM at BCRA conference



GPS12XL Update 7 - Wookey
Update on last issue's first impressions of the GPS12XL, now that it has been used for a lot of driving around.

Field Meet, July 1997, Yorkshire - Wookey & Pete Grant
Report of the field meet and what went on - Blitz surveying in Lost Johns', Helmet-mounted laser surveyor, and bits on instruments and computing.

12th UIS Congress - Surveying report - Wookey
Report of the parts of the congress relevant to surveying, including the post-congress Cave Surveying & Computing Workshop. Survey software, Symbols discussion, survey competitions, Drawing techniques, international surveying variations, cave data-model discussion.

CSG Constitution - Andy Atkinson
All the tedious details of how the CSG should be run - published for your perusal before voting at the AGM.