of Compass Points 21

The journal of the BCRA Cave Surveying Group, September 1998

BCRA conference in Southport *.

CSG field meet, 17th-18th October *.

Andrew Atkinson

Andrew describes how the CSG renewals process works.

Andrew Atkinson

Anyone interested in teaching surveying to those who ask?
Compass software update *

Press Roundup: *

Compass and Tape, Issue 42 *

Compass and Tape, Issue 43 *

Guy van Rentergem talks about the Leica Disto.

John Cordingley

An update on the major underwater survey being performed in West Kingsdale.

by Lang Brod

A detailed analysis of the accuracy of Suunto Compasses, including experiments performed over several years. Lang explains the mechanics of the device and discusses the various sources of error and their magnitudes.


After 4 years use in the field the design of LED lights for Suuntos is now quite refined and their reliability is proven.

David Gibson

David describes techniques for calculating radio locations, and thus the errors that might be expected from inaccurate levelling of the underground loop.