Compass Points

The Journal of the BCRA Cave Surveying Group

On some (eventually all) of the pages in the Compass Points website, you will notice that email addresses no longer have clickable links, and are in an odd format (like CSGWebMaster (at) ). This is an attempt to reduce the amount of junk mail that the pages generate by making it more difficult for automated net agents (web spiders or robots) to pick up such mail addresses.

We are sorry if this makes the addresses less convenient to use, but hope that if the people on the end of those addresses are wasting less time ignoring/deleting/otherwise dealing with junk mail, then they will have more time to read your genuine comments and queries. We hope you won't begrudge the time it takes to manually type in their mail addresses and convert the format. This is pretty straightforward: simply convert the " (at) " to "@" with no spaces.

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