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Welcome to the Honest Programmer! This site is a collection of essays and resources about Software Engineering. The intention is to put forth some of what being a programmer is really about, concentrating on the craft rather than the science.

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The Bluffer's Guide to Java

Maxims and Anecdotes

Standards. Where do they come from and why use them?


An important repository of algorithms and their implementations.
A useful repository of public-domain 3D models, textures, tools, etc.
Geometry in Action
A good overview of computational geometry.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Logic Programming
A good resource list for the PROLOG family and other aspects of this branch of AI.
Tom Van Vleck Home Page
Some good anecdotes, cautionary tales and cartoons about software engineering.
Brian Meek: selected publications
Check out his tale of the politics behind the Fortran 90 standard and wince!
... for the lighter side of software engineering.

We leave you with a quote from Fred Brooks:
Sound methodology can empower and liberate the creative mind: it cannot inflame or inspire the drudge.

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