Various Home Pages

Now for the home pages of various folk (warning: many of these links are out of date):

My sister Lucy
at and at Ant in Cambridge.
van Sommeren, also at Ant
Mark Tillotson
has now moved to chaos from the Juggling Information Service. Mark also has a page at Harlequin.
Tim Heap in Edinburgh.
Patrick Campbell-Preston
Jón Fairbairn
Sankaran, now at the School of Mathematical Sciences in Bath.
David MacKay
Steve Linton in St. Andrews.
Ian Paczek
on the `a' in whose name there should be a Polish ogronek accent, `¸', but ISO-8859 Latin-1 doesn't stretch to providing this accented character. In principle, it should be possible to position the accent using a backspace. Here's my best shot at that: Pac¸zek or Pac¸zek. Anglophones have their best chance of pronouncing this right if they pretend the name is spelt Ponchek.
aka Egil Haraldsson Stenseth.
Per Arne Flatberg of Support Plus (på Norsk).
Tor Bahus and Brage Førland at Kafé Wolfenstein (på Norsk), at Bergen Nett og Media (Brage, Tor) and at Hipdrome.
Eric S. Raymond
of Intercal, Jargon file, Geek code, HTML hell and assorted other bits.
Geoff Kuenning, maintainer of ispell.
Racheline Maltese.
Don Coffin.
Dan Bennett
(a filker).
Roger Burton-West

Dave and Peter (aka OCCL) now have a release of their Algol 68 compiler, for information on which you can read their White Paper and their release document on IBM Europe's server, which has lots of other juicy bits from IBM's Developer Assistance Programme (DAP).

Tom and Richard Robson, aka Cambridge Research Systems, have a web site for their business, though they don't (appear to) have personal pages.

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