HTML Resources and Experiments

All web users will find something of interest in the CERN Welcome page and anyone confused by the jargon should take a look at MIT's `The World Wide Web for Dummies'. Learners of HTML may find help in the notes I started taking when I began learning HTML. HTML is now being improved to include style sheets and decent display of mathematics, with which I'm now experimenting.

You might also be interested in

CGI security
at NCSA and CERF; or in general WWW security
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of the GVU Center's 3rd WWW User Survey
a document
on collecting usage statistics on Web pages
a tool for extracting reports from the log file of a web server
My illustration
of ISO 8859 Latin-1 under HTML
a collection
of little pictures with which to bedeck your web pages.

Ladislav Kocbach has a rather nice system for hyptertext mathematics which he's used in conjunction with TeX-generated formulae (which you can haul into html by using xv to cut pieces out of the xdvi window displaying your dvi file). There's also a tool called Hypermail available for folk who want to compile Web (HTML) pages from e-mail (thanks Suzi ;^). Now all I need is a babyl version or an emacs interface ...

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