Here's some stuff under the heading of folding editors:

(see design doc) by Michael Haardt, one of the authors of origami. You can download source for fe and origami.
by Marco Macek.
an emacs
folding mode.
a collection at HENSA's Internet Parallel Computing Archive.

I found a copy of Time Out in the Zebra: it contained an article on the Net, from which I've pilfered a few URLs. Here come Kew Gardens, the British Library, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and a collection of other museums. Even the Louvre has a home page, as do the Shamen and Britain's Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. Nor are British Comedy or Cartoons neglected. Various other URLs from Time Out appear elsewhere on this page and on my page for Literature.

Finally, an unsorted rag-bag of other things I found at least briefly interesting:

The BBC's ten things
its editors didn't know the previous week.
notably of several interesting scientists.
Biographies of significant mathematicians.
Crazy Laws
from the States.
pages which tamper with netscape's animation: mozilla and Jamie Zawinski's home page
Red Dwarf
has a home page or two. No, make that three. At least.
Richard Feynman
on the value of teaching, care of Marek Druzdzel's teaching page.
The Nando Times,
a net newspaper.
The Move Project,
at Delft technical University (which is in Holland), is playing with something called Transport Triggered Architecture (TTA).
A Controversy
about General Relativity is apparently raging, but I've not had time to read it yet.
Even horology
has a home on the InterNet these days
The `Ban DHMO'
campaign page, a wittly little satire.
The Emazon

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