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and search for ICAREX pc-13 (a polycarbonate, made by Carrington) cloth ...

Campaign for Digital Rights

Sklyrarov, EUCD/DMCA, etc.:

Links I've read and decided to keep, but not yet filed elsewhere

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Really old dangling links (1997 and earlier)

spinning discs
appear to be causing a stir in the study of general relativity. As does autodynamics.
The Dumposome
is a newly discovered organelle.
Some pictures
of Ultimate Frisbee, I think.
The Geometry Center
at the University of Minnesota, and
The Math Forum
at Swarthmore College (teaching math and geometry to schoolkids).
on Encryption and Privacy for Netsurfers.
notice on fees with a lamentable historic postscript.
c/o Richard K. Moore, who encouraged readers to look at a CPSR page on Cyber-Rights.
page on which Rafe suggested I check out the cyber bunny ...
Auntie Beeb's Web foot-print: Welcome to Babbage's Guide to the World Wide Web
Hot Lycos
Lycos Inc: What's Hot!
CGI programs
CGI Programs on the Web
World Wide Web gateway software
a collection of snippets
from someone who claims to have helped the US reverse engineer a UFO.
but I'm not sure what. I think it has to do with a cybercafe in Slovenia. And a publication called `Very Cyber Indeed'. But may not yet exist. Or something.
OpenGL WWW Center
Weather Information in Britain.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The DOOM links
WIT: an interactive discussion tool for the Web
Written by Eddy.
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