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Dover, 17 Feb. Three hundred protesters started arriving in Dover in the early hours of the morning from as far afield as Plymouth, stopping briefly at lairages before assembling at the docks. At 9.45am they moved to Jonathan Stirling's veterinary surgery where a noisy protest took place for a couple of hours. Approximately 150 police were drafted in. Among several arrests for obstruction was a 73-year-old lady, mistaken for a protester, who was simply shopping. Timothy Skinner, owner of Shepherdswell, was spotted inside the practice and was unable to resist smirking at protesters through a window. His appearance coincided with the arrival of the Shoreham coach which boosted the crowd to over 350. For three hours there was chaos, with traffic diverted.
Protesters then moved on to Shepherdswell lairage where initially only a few policemen were about. Suddenly 10 van loads of police turned up to clear the lane, by which time most protesters had left for Lydden lairage about two miles away. The sight that greeted them at Lydden, owned by Mr T. Head, was truly appalling. The place could only be described as a hell-hole. There was a makeshift pen of six sheep and lambs with open ulcers, eye infections and damaged ears. When the police arrived, the senior officers reported the matter to the RSPCA who undertook an investigation. Protesters visiting Lydden lairage in future should watch their vehicles as Mr Head's loyal neighbours threw rocks and engaged in threatening behaviour. They were questioned by the police.
Meanwhile in Dover, some visiting protesters entered Eastern docks and drove around sending out vocal messages until they were stopped by a police vehicle. Everyone agreed that the day was a great success and we look forward to seeing those of you who can't make it to Paris next Saturday! (F.P-I & T.L.)
BSE - The French Connection
Paris, 24 February. Now is your chance to join RESPECT to warn French farmers, public and the international media about BSE the day before the Paris Agriculture Show begins. Paris Sheep Massacre
Montreuil, 2 March. The French authorities continue to sanction and protect the brutal Moslem sheep massacre as there is little action by the French organisations. British sheep go clandestinely to the knife of an untrained public in many sites across France. The bleating of two tiny lambs, born at the Montreuil site just hours before the butchery began last May, still ring in my ears. Hidden, they and their distressed mothers were barricaded behind a filthy shed, and foraging in an old plastic sack, there being no food or water. Courageous trained RSPCA undercover agents, who joined me in photographing evidence, confirmed that ear-tags identified these sheep as British. Earlier we had witnessed old sheep arriving dead in Dieppe, en route to a false destination for this joyful family celebration of Aïd el Kébir, which this year will take place around 28 April.
Have you the determination to stand against this cruelty? Travel information from National Express Euroline, £44 return, tel 0990 808080 and Eurostar, £69 return, tel. 0181 784 1333. (D. France)

0171 270 8080 (24hrs). If you spot a sick or injured farm animal ring this number. A local vet in your district will be sent out. Although the ground at this time of year is muddy, most of the animals are being well fed. However, sheep with foot rot and lambs should not be standing in mud. Please check the animal before you ring - don't waste the vet's time.

From Carla Lane: From Tuesday to Friday last week, Dover vets refused to carry out livestock checks. Ministry vets stepped in and thoroughly checked all the animals which caused severe delays to all sailings.
On Monday 19 Feb, Jonathan Stirling was reinstated by the Ministry who stated that he could not be suspended on the premise of allegations in a TV programme.
The Ministry says it is undertaking enquiries into the allegations made but the Government will not come to a final decision on what action to take until the full facts are available and have been thoroughly assessed. They have given an assurance that firm action will be taken against anyone who fails to observe animal health and welfare export regulations and procedures.

Former Brightlingsea exporter Richard Otley is now living in Gore, South Island, New Zealand and is trading as Transglobal Livestock. He is also operating a company from the UK called Transdock European Ltd which transports sheep to the Continent. It is believed that he is planning to airlift bobby calves to Europe from New Zealand. (U.B.)
APB is now available on the World Wide Web. The WWW version is updated by Steve Wilson and the service is provided free of charge by the Fellowship Of Isis. To access the site the full address is HTTP://, although most navigation software only needs the address from 'Cerbernet' to 'live'. For more information on the host organisation, simply ignore the '/live' onwards. (S.W.)

Layer de la Haye lairage protests.
WEDNESDAYS: DOVER lairage protests.
THURSDAYS: SHOREHAM SALE meeting at Premier Social Club, Shoreham airport, 7pm.
23 HEARING. Magistrates' Court.
23 DOVER. GREEN PARTY DEMO. Mass Demo at Docks, 12.30pm.
A-R panel discussion (panellists include Tony Banks, MP, and Peter Stevenson, CIWF) 2.30-3.30pm.
A-R Workshop 4.30-5.30pm.
Tel. 01843 863943 for info.
24 PARIS. MARCH. Tel. 01564 776984 for general info.
24 DOVER. DEMO. From 8am for those who can't go to Paris.
28 DOVER. KAALE meeting, 6.30pm Community Centre
7 BRIGHTON. LECTURE 'The Challenge of Animal Rights - theology as if animals mattered', Revd Professor Andrew Linzey. Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton, Grand Parade Site, opp. Royal Pavilion.
13 COMMISSION MEETING PROTEST. Tel. 0121 643 2445 for info.
18 STRENSALL, York (Albert Hall Farms) PROTEST. 12 noon onwards. Tel. 01255 860962 & 01206 826615
26 CAMBRIDGE A-R MEETING, 8pm at Friends Mtg House, Jesus Lane. Speaker: Rev. James Thompson. Tel. 01223 311828.
2 IPSWICH COUNTY COURT DEMO. Georgina Kennedy v. Graham Baalham. Arcade Street, from 10am.
1 LONDON. CIWF MASS LOBBY OF PARLIAMENT. Status of Animals in Treaty of Rome / Ban Live Exports. Contact CIWF for details.
4 DOVER. 12 MONTHS AGAINST LIVE EXPORTS. Silent march and rally.
ATTENTION LONDONERS: DOVER, 23 FEBRUARY. Coach will pick up at Victoria. Tel. 01923 449610.
FROM DOVER: meet at Dover 2.30am prompt outside ARRIVALS. Ferry 3am to Paris (British time). Arrive Paris 10am French time. Leave Paris 19.30 French time. Tickets £11.00. Tel. 01304 373888 / 363071.
FROM BIRMINGHAM: £20, depart approximately 11pm. Tel. 01564 776984.
Praise for Police. We are, one by one, pushing down the barriers that stand between us and the trade. We spoke to the police just four weeks ago and in their fair and honourable reply dated 15 Feb they say:
'Thank you for your letter of 31st January and the additional information that you provided concerning the well-being of animals in transit. I found our recent meeting of value. It was useful to me to receive some feedback and an indication of the perceptions of members of the public protesting against live exportation.
'Following our discussions, officers policing the ports and the lairages in Kent have been reminded of the legislation and of their powers and their responsibilities concerning the well-being of animals. Clearly they are unable to take on the role of experts when it comes to the health and fitness of individual animals; however, they are competent to intervene when acts of cruelty or mistreatment of animals are witnessed. Officers have now been briefed so that should they see such activity or have it pointed out to them, appropriate action to stop and prevent mistreatment of animals must be taken.
'I hope that this serves to reassure you. The police are endeavouring to remain impartial in the situation confronting us in Kent. However, it must be accepted that our resources are limited and that we have to prioritise the action we take, just as we do in relation to Public Order Acts and other associated offences. Discretion on how to deal with individual incidents has to be exercised: that means in order to deal with any situation, the range of options for the police officers stretches from a verbal warning through to arrest and to prosecution, depending on the circumstances and the seriousness of each individual breach.
'Finally, I trust that the efforts of the police to act impartially, but to respond sensitively to the concerns of the protesters, will go some way to alleviate any ill feelings that the protesters may have towards the officers.'
From David France: An angry British Government is urging the European Commission to take action against Germany for being in breach of EU law, as three states refuse suspect British beef. Bonn warns that these states may be followed by more, scared of the BSE risk from the UK. British officials claim that there is no justification for the Germans to take any action against British products. But Germany and others are right, when the British Government blatantly fails to enforce animal welfare and anti BSE regulations and allows a bad system of veterinary inspection to continue unabated.
Georgina Kennedy's case against Graham Baalham will be heard in Ipswich County Court on 2 April. Graham Baalham, a well-built 41 year old, of A.G. Baalham & Co (Haulage) is being sued for loss and damage arising from assault and battery.
He punched Georgina in the face at Bury Market on 5 July 1995 as she filmed his handling of the pigs. The assault was captured on video and he received a police caution for assault. Injuries included a half-inch laceration to Georgina's mouth, extensive bruising to her face and tissue damage. A facial scar remains some seven months later and medical attention is still required.
DOVER from Trevor Love
13 Feb. MAFF vets were called in after the LVI's failed to turn up. Checking the animals took all day, so the sailing was delayed until 6pm when a small number of protesters witnessed 11 transporters enter the docks. The Sea Road sailed in a Force 8 gale. 14 Feb. Once again the vets didn't show, so MAFF vets were called in. 12 transporters went through.
At the KAALE meeting, it was decided that protests will be held the week leading up to 20 April to mark 12 months since the resumption of live exports from Dover. A mass demo will be held in Dover on 19 April as the actual day, 20 April, clashes with World Laboratory Animals Day in Brighton. Other protests are planned for the week, including a day trip to Boulogne to await the arrival of the Sea Road, a demo at a market and at lairages. The march and rally organised by EKAW will be on 4 May at Pencester Gardens. After the meeting, protesters went to Capel, Petham and Shepherdswell lairages.
15 Feb. Another late sailing with 22 transporters.
16 Feb. MAFF vets again took a long time checking every animal and all ear tags. 7 transporters went through. A night-long watch took place at the docks but nothing untoward seen. Harbour Board Police brought a tray of coffee out to protesters.
SHOREHAM from Philip Ruewell
Guildford market, 13 Feb. On arrival at 8am there was a solitary Andrews & Co triple-decker transporter with sheep from Cumbria which had probably arrived during the previous night. There was no absorbent litter on the floor of this vehicle, contrary to the 1994 Transport Regulations. A confronta- tion followed with the two lorry drivers. By 10.30am there were several hundred cull ewes, probably for halal slaughter, plus just under a hundred adult cattle and only 20-30 calves. Two LVIs diligently carried out inspections throughout the day. Only one heifer was found unfit for market contrary to the 1990 Market Regulations. It was in poor condition and had injuries to its rear flank. Guildford market is an old-fashioned market with no fixed ramps with side protection and I suspect that the heifer fell off the lorry ramp when it was unloaded. It was going to be put down that afternoon.
Calais, 14 Feb. Four protesters visited Calais and distributed 1000 leaflets to every shop, bar and residential building in the town centre. We were well received.
COVENTRY from Ursula Bates
Barrett-Jolley is really 'down on his uppers' - he has been granted legal aid for his trial at Warwick Crown Court where he will stand accused of assault on one of our protesters. We'll let you know the date when we hear.
WANTED. The video showing the driver of Gilder wagon, G519 BAJ, at Petham lairage on 14 Feb kicking a young calf and using a stick on others. Please telephone 01564 776984 if you can help with this or other evidence of cruelty by Gilder drivers.
Brandsby, 18 Feb. As people flocked to church Richard Machin was busy loading sheep onto lorries which left while the service was in progress. A regular church goer himself, Machin has recently been ensuring his transporters are up to welfare standards. He told a local lady that 'the trade is slowing down and is nearly finished.'(A.H.)
From David France: LAF-DAM have for several years been campaigning with other European delegations to reduce animal cruelty in Spain, especially bull fighting. This week I will be heading for the small village of Villanueva de la Vera, in the region of Cacéres, Estramadura. Each year the villagers celebrate the lynching of a man who raped a village maid in the XIV century and tried to escape on an ass. Since that time, following three days of drunken celebration by the good Catholic population, a terrified ass is dragged by a rope through the streets. Every time the ass falls he is brutally beaten with a club and fire-crackers burst between his legs to force him to continue, an agony lasting more than 2 hours (1991). In previous years this poor creature has been drowned in the village fountain. Last year, 1995, thanks to protests from a growing foreign presence, the ass was not beaten, but was petrified by the taunting crowd.
Farmers Guardian, 16 Feb. Rough treatment of cattle between farms and abattoirs is causing the industry substantial losses. At least £4.5 million worth of beef a year is being lost. Out of 15,518 carcases checked in two surveys at a large commercial abattoir, over 1,000 were affected by bruising and 273 damaged by stick marks. Animals from live auctions had more bruising than those from dealers and farms. Bruising increased with the distance animals were transported and the time they spent in lairage.
Farming Snippets
* Last week the Irish Agriculture Minister hinted that the EU subsidies now form 50% of the total farming income for Irish farmers, so they've got to stop knocking at the EU door for subsidies.
* Farmers in the remoter areas of Scotland have failed to win an extra allowance for journey times for stock under the new EU Transport Regulations. (J.L.)
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