Aldergrove Airport blockade: Days 3-5

The blockade against live exports at Belfast International Airport began on Wed 25 Jan 95. As I've reported earlier, a lorry load of calves bound for veal crates in continental Europe got through to the airport on Wednesday evening undetected by protesters, using roads closed for "anti-terrorist" reasons.

Although the small band of demonstrators threw the police and others into a state of panic when they arrived at the closed roads on Thursday, they were unable to come face to face with the exporters, who succeeded once again to deliver the calves late on Thursday night.

There have been no more exports since then. On the positive side, the protesters are getting very familiar with the closed roads, they have now identified the plane chartered for the job, they are getting very good intelligence about lorries en route and more people are braving the cold weather to support them. (Although their number still never exceeds 20.)

For those wishing to protest about the trade Belfast International Airport is involved with, you can write to:

Mr W. James Mairs
Operations Director
Belfast International Airport
Aldergrove, Co Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT29 4AB

You might like to point out that you will use Belfast City Airport for any visits to the north of Ireland while this trade persists.