Aldergrove Airport blockade: Days 19-38

Sorry about the lack of updates folks. To summarise the background, export of calves began from Belfast International Airport in November 1994, but they have received practically zero coverage in the national UK media and very little in the local Irish news. Approximately 6000 calves have been sent to continental Europe since then.

On 25 Jan 1995, a small number of animal rights activists began their 24-hour blockade/vigil at the airport, a protest which is still on-going. Planes carrying calves flew out on the 25 & 26 Jan 1995, but no further live exports have been attempted from the airport since, according to statements from the Department of Agriculture.

It therefore appears that the exports have been stopped for the time being, though the airport are refusing to make a statement to anyone about the situation. The dominant speculation is that they hope that the whole affair will just "blow over".

On the day of Jill Phipps' funeral the protesters registered a dignified protest by approaching the office of the Airport Chief Executive. His secretary declared that he wasn't in, but lo and behold when the nine activists opened his door and entered the office, there he was behind his desk. There was no physical confrontation and the protesters were removed by airport security.

One person was arrested for filming the affair (a bye-law prohibits filming inside the airport), however a photograph taken appeared in the Sunday Life newspaper on the following weekend.

With the abscence of any exports, the protesters are currently reviewing their position.