Brightlingsea - Days 2 and 3

17th & 18th January 1995

Tuesday saw the appearance in court of those charged with Criminal Damage and Section 4 of the Public Order Act (1986). Two pleaded guilty, three not guilty. Pre-trial date is 3rd March.

No trucks came through on Tuesday - reason given was the bad weather. Don't know if that was the real reason though - I'm slightly dubious.

Sheep trucks went through on Wednesday. They were delayed for one and a half hours, and there was severe police brutality (the stuation on Monday was very tame compared to what we are used to at protests). It seems that B'sea have had a rather unervering introduction to reality, in much the same way that residents have had at Hove (Shoreham). After the trucks went through, many of the protestors had to go to the local surgery. There were over 200 complaints made that day about police violence.

The following day's papers included coverage of the police violence. Pictures included a policeman bringing his boot down on the head of what appears to be a child (front page of the East Anglian - Essex edition). Headlines included 'Today' newspaper's "Like a Lamb to the Slaughter" (refering to a demonstrator surrounded by riot police), and a quote from a policeman; "Move woman, or you won't walk for a week."