Dover Weekend unites Protesters from UK and Europe

Early September 1995
From the Animal Protester's Bulletin

An outstandingly well-organised weekend began on Saturday 9th September with a massive march from the dock led by Reverend James Thompson. Behind him, a black coffin in memory of all the animals was carried, followed by 800 silent and dignified protesters walking slowly through the town to Pencester Gardens. A rally was held in the afternoon with excellent speaches delivered from a host of speakers, with live music in the intervals. Well stocked stalls from many animal charities made fascinating browsing and enabled protesters to buy a wide range of items.

On Sunday, despite the rain, a steady flow of people enjoyed Dover Defence Union's festival of music. There was a delicious selection of vegetarian and vegan snacks available.

100th Day

On Monday 11th September compassionate and peaceful protesters assembled to mark the 100th day of live exports through the port [since the restarting of export after the high court ruling]. Among the protesters was the most unexpected sight: a sleek, black, noble bull called Boeuf with a ring on its nose. Owned by a Hare Krishna commune, he works with 7 other bulls on a farm near Watford. Out in the Channel, Sea Sabs were defiantly zooming about in their dinghies, one called Jill Phipps, while protesters at the docks brought the traffic to a standstill. As the police gently cleared the protesters line by line, 88 arrests were made. Summing up the day, a regular protester enthusiastically told APB: It was the most beautiful (protesting) day I've ever had!