the recipe for greed


recipe for greed

Prior to the BSE scare and Europe's ban on British beef,  hundreds of thousands of baby calves were sent every year on marathon journeys for Continental veal production - a practice condemned by the majority of people in this country as barbaric and unacceptable. Sheep still suffer as a result of a cross-Europe trade that puts a premium on baby lamb meat.  They are taken to transported to have their throats cut with no stunning  for the ritual slaughter demanded by certain religions, and others are transported far further afield to abbatoirs in Spain and Greece, where there are no welfare regulations and the methods of slaughter include screwdrivers being driven into the brains of live conscious sheep.

 The meagre regulations that do exist to limit journey times and to ensure proper feeding and watering are routinely ignored.


the calf trade

The live export of calves for the veal trade has been temporarily banned because of Europe's ban on British beef due to the BSE crisis.  Veal calves are a waste by-product of the dairy industry. A cow, like like any other mammal, cannot give milk unless she has offspring. Her life a constant round of pregnancies with her young wrenched from her when they are just a day or two old. Within a couple of weeks, the youngsters previoiusly destined for the crate style veal trade are taken to livestock markets where they are bartered like cheap jewellery before being transported to other UK farms to be used for the beef or dairy industry, a fate slightly more tolerable than the cruel European veal crate trade.  We hope that by the time the  UK beef  ban is lifted, the new EC rulings on the ban of veal crates will have come into force.


the sheep trade

Every year up to two million baby and adult sheep are exported to foreign buyers, mostly in Europe. Increasingly, these animals are subjected to the heavy burdens of intensive farming. Fattened on an unnatural high-protein diet they are forced to produce more lambs - twin births are common, triplets becoming more so - in punishing winter weather. Disease and lameness are rampant. The trade's own statistics show that between 10 an 15 per cent of sheep die before they can be slaughtered.

 The same greed which drives the trade in live exports also keeps hundreds of millions of other animals incarcerated in factory farms.


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