Bloodsports - further infomation

Organisations (national and local)

League Against Cruel Sports (LACS or just 'The League'):
83-87 Union St, London, SE1 1SG
Tel. 0171 403 6155

Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA):
PO Box 2786, Brighton, BNQ 2AX
HSA Press Office: 01273 622827

Cambridge Anti-Bloodsports (CABS):
PO Box 460, Cambridge, CB1 2SQ

Northants Anti- Bloodsports

Further Reading

Ask us at CABS about any of these books - there are likely to be copies floating around that we can lay our hands on.

LACS (League Against Cruel Sports). The Case for the Abolition of Hunting and Snaring. Excellent, and concise. I reckon it is a 'must'.

LACS. The Red Fox. Examines the issues surrouding the Red Fox in more detail.

The Duke of Beaufort. Foxhunting (1980). Another book well worth reading - should be number 2 after 'The Case for the Abolition...'. An excellent insight into how hunts work. His grandfather, of the same name, also wrote Hunting, less useful because of its age.

Robert Churchyard. A Master of Hounds Speaks. Hunting from the inside: written in the 1960s by an ex-Master of Foxhounds who decided in middle age to renounce his old ways.

Mike Huskisson. Outfoxed (1983). Detailed account of hunting by someone who infiltrated fox, hare, mink and stag hunts. Well worth a look.

David Macdonald. Running with the fox (1987). Study of foxes, and to some extent fox-persecutors. Not of direct relevance to sabbing, but lots of ammunition for arguments about the effect of hunting on the fox population.

Philip Windeatt. The Hunt and the Anti-Hunt (1982). A few interesting bits about the history of hunting and the campaign against it. Ignore the stuff about sabbing tactics.

Up Against the Law. Booklet outlining some of the implications of the Public Order Act (1986) for direct action. These days however, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994) is somewhat more relevant, so this booklet can be set aside for reminiscing about the 'good old days' when the worst that ever happenned to you was being warned under Section 5. Ahhhh. Those were the days. You young'uns don't know what you missed.