Wild Mammals Protection Bill

Unfortunately this Bill has been sabotaged in parliament since the following article was written, due to the government not providing enough parliamentary time for a Bill that has the support of the vast majority of the public....

A private members Bill is currently going through Parliament that will ban the hunting with hounds, of mammals such as foxes, hares, and deer. The last Bill to try and do the same only lost by 12 votes (Kevin McNamara's Wild Mammals Bill 1992), and that was during a time of a large Tory majority. The Bill has been put forward by John McFall, Labour MP for Dumbarton, Scotland, and has cross-party backing being sponsored by Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrat and SNP members of parliament.

That majority is no longer anywhere near as big, and many MP's from all parties have stated their intention to support this Bill. Contact your MP, and ask for his or her support. Perhaps this will end the barbaric practice of hunting with hounds in Britain, once and for all.