Sunday, January 22, 1995

An Open Letter To All Caring People

The events of recent weeks have been truly inspiring. Thousands of ordinary, decent citizens of this country have stood together and made their voices heard - loudly, plainly, and powerfully. To a person, they are literally sick of a callous and unnecesary trade in baby calves - some as young as two days old - sent far from home to spend what remains of their miserable lives in semi-darkness, crammed into small metal boxes, unable to turn round or lie down properly. It is a grubby, and I believe, obscene trade whose existence demeans all civilised people.

With growing awareness of these barbaric rearing practices, the amount of veal actually consumed in this country has tumbled to an average of about an ounce per person a year. Yet despite increasing public revulsion for this pitiless business, many people still do not understand that the veal trade and the dairy industry exist hand-in-hand. Veal usually comes from dairy herds. Milk cows have to calf once every two years to remain productive. Next time you pay for your daily pinta, spare a thought for the fate of the calf whose milk you're taking.

No-one needs to consume milk or dairy products. Scientific research shows that people who don't (vegans) are significantly more healthy. So please consider joining Cambridge Animal Rights in their campaign to give up cow's milk products for a week. You'll be surprised how easy it is, and you may well feel healthier into the bargain!

Kindest wishes,

Peter Cox
PO Box 1612 : London : NW3 1TD