News Release: 2nd March 1995

Northants 5 become the Northants 3!

Two of the five hunt protesters arrested in Northamptonshire on the first weekend of the Criminal Justice Act, have had their charges dropped.

Jamie Shaw, of Girton College, Cambridge, had his charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. Richard Paton, of Milton Keynes, had his charges dropped because the CPS decided that it wasn't in the public interest to continue proceedings. Their three co-defendents are still due to be tried on the 25th April at Corby Magistrates Court.

Apparently there are plenty of hunt protesters who the CPS feel it is in the public interest to prosecute, despite the vast majority of the public opposing foxhunting. Tomorrow parliament is set to vote on whether to ban hunting with hounds - perhaps the people who are elected to rule the country will at last carry out the wishes of the people they claim to represent.