News Release: 20th April 1995

Charges against hunt-protesters dropped as Criminal Injustice Act is shown to be unworkable!

Once again Northamptonshire constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service have themselves proved their gross incompetence. In what amounts to yet another admission that the Criminal Justice Act (possibly the most oppressive piece of UK law in living memory), has failed in its objectives, charges against Lee Culley and David Elliot, two of the first hunt protesters arrested under the Criminal Justice Act, are dropped. Of the five hunt protesters arrested near Corby, Northamptonshire, on 5th November (the first weekend the Act was in force), only one charge now remains - due to come to court on the 25th April.

Hunt saboteurs have proved that the laws criminalising protestor's activities are unworkable. No proof was ever required that they are immoral.