Press Release: 23rd April 1995

Anti-bloodsports campaigner to be brought to trial under draconian new laws!

Tim Spencer, of Churchill College, Cambridge, is due in Corby Magistrates Court, Northamptonshire, at 10am, on Tuesday 25th April, after being charged with Section 68 ("aggravated trespass") of the infamous Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

During the first two weeks of the Criminal Justice Act, Corby police arrested and charged seven anti-hunt protesters under the Criminal Justice Act, using laws that are designed to suppress legitimate protest. Of these seven, six have had their charges dropped entirely, due to a complete lack of evidence for the prosecution's case.

We are not entirely sure why one case remains, but speculate that both Corby police and the CPS would find it very embarassing if it were shown that the Criminal Justice Act is so unworkable that they are incapable of bringing even one case to court.

Whatever the eventual outcome of this trial, we feel that the fact that only one out of seven cases has been brought to court is ample evidence that the laws specifically designed to outlaw anti-bloodsports protesters are ludicrous and unenforceable.