Craphenge ’98

This private little festival was Blue String Pudding’s first, and so far only, gig. It was held in somebody’s back garden in Balsham, near Cambridge, on 21 June 1998. Local residents did not complain! Here are some photos from the event. As usual, clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the full-size picture. I'll add some more from time to time. One day there may be some audio clips too, and even some video!

Jimi Spice

Beery Spice possessed by the spirit of Jimi Hendrix.

Daev and Small Clanger

Small Clanger being blown away by Daev.

interval jam

Interval jam (with Dave and Nina): Beery Spice so dedicated to his music that he continues to play despite being unconscious.

the crowd

Early arrivals, rapt with anticipation.

Blue String Pudding

Blue String Pudding. Left to right: Small Clanger (mascot), Daev, Ninja Marie, Jón, Beery Spice, Siôn.


Daev and Ninja Marie having a laugh, no doubt at Beery Spice’s expense.

BSP string section

Blue String Pudding’s string section (Daev, Beery, Jón) in full flow!

happy campers

A couple of happy campers!

What key . . . ?

‘What key did we play it in last time?’

lighting effects

Nice lights!

Swirling Eddy

Swirling Eddy swirling his balls.


Mid-solo refuelling.

Norway Steve wired for sound

Norway Steve wired for sound.


Tim doing something dodgy with lasers or something.


Daev: ‘Hey! They’ve started without me!’


Jón: ‘That guitar intro is far too long!’