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Last updated: 2008.07.08

My Home page has now moved to wookware.org

This one has not been touched since 2004, but remains for historical interest.
Pic of me
This pic, whilst representative (of me in 1993), is a bit dull, so here's some more interesting ones.


ASCII-armoured GPG Public Key

Links direct to stuff I do:


House-fettling, DIY, car spannering


Computing (Free Software)

Other stuff that might conceivably be of interest:

Computing Wanted & For Sale Activism

Holidays - Info and pics from some of my trips. Might also explain why I'm not responsding to your queries right now.

'Wookey', is that it? or why I haven't got a proper name (by popular demand)

My (increasingly out-of-date) Links page

Contacting me - email, post, phone, car, foot etc. Address: 734 Newmarket Rd, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 8RS, Tel:01223 504881 (+44 1223 504881 from outside the UK, Time: GMT or GMT+1 in summer)

Email contact

All these emails are me. If you get spamcop-filtered trying to reach me then get a better mail provider :-), but in the meantime use my survex.com address as that's not (spamcop) filtered. These addresses sadly have to be obfuscated due to that activities of spammer scum - the bit before the colon (domain) goes after the @, the bit after (username) goes before.