Venue Info

Our venue once again is the University Sports Centre on the West Cambridge site. It has a lovely big hall (two basketball courts) which will be open for juggling during the day and then host the show later on.

University of Cambridge Sports Centre
Philippa Fawcett Drive
P: 01223 336580

The venue provide this information pdf for event attendees.

Food and Drink

Watch this space...

Getting There

By Train and Bus

Trains come into Cambridge regularly. Once you get to the station, it's possible to get buses from there to the convention site. The bus 'U' goes directly from the station to the convention site. Check out here for details and times.

Alternatively, if you're coming from the town centre get on the park and ride to Madingley Road. It is a red bus and stops at Cambridge City Centre Drummer Street D1. Take this to the Madingley Road park and ride. From here cross the main road to enter West Cambridge Site and walk to the sports centre. Here's the park and ride timetable.

Returning to the train station: be aware that the last bus back to town is at 9:53pm if you get the 'U', and at 8:10pm if you get the park and ride bus. We'll try to connect anyone who needs a lift with someone with a car, and it's walkable in about 50 minutes.  Alternatively, taxis can be booked with Panther Taxis, 01223 715715, and are likely to cost around £16 from the sports centre to the train station.

By Bike

There is a good (uni)cycle path which runs from where King's Parade and Trinity Street meet and goes over the Garrett Hostel Lane all the way to the back of the sports centre. Here's a cycle planning map from the station to the venue.  There are tons of cycle racks there to lock up your bike.

By Car

See address and note about older sat navs above. Car parking is available, free of charge, a short 2-minute walk from the Sports Centre in Car Park 8 on Charles Babbage Road. Please do not drive your car down Philippa Fawcett Drive to the Sports Centre as there will be nowhere for you to park.