Anger over Police Conduct at Coventry

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Animal Rights protesters call for urgent inquiry into police action over demo death and council dealings with Phoenix Aviation.

Amidst the intense grief following the death of Jill Phipps, the 31-year old Coventry woman killed by a lorry carrying calves for live export to the Continent from Coventry airport, animal rights protesters were starting to ask why Phoenix Aviation are still allowed to trade and why taxpayers money was spent on protecting the business of a firm involved in drugs smuggling, arms trading and whose managing director is a convicted violent criminal and thief.

Said one protestor "Jill died after police waved on the lorry carrying the calves despite the fact that protesters were still occupying the road the lorry was to go down. Despite their public claims to the contrary, Warwickshire police were so keen to protect the business of this filthy firm that they had made little effort to ensure the way was clear. Assuming the road to be clear after the police had signalled him to move on, the truck driver moved off at speed, knocking Jill down and crushing her under his wheels. Had anyone else made the decision to wave the lorry on they could have faced charges of reckless negligence or even manslaughter. It is considered unlikely that Warwickshire Police will investigate themselves from this angle. The polices primary duty is to "protect life and property"; it would appear that Warwickshire take the property aspect more seriously than the lives of demonstrators.