Live Exports 

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Profits at whatever cost

Parliament and the courts

Unfortunately, due to the huge power of those involved with this cruel trade, parliament has failed to do its duty to reflect the wishes of those it claims to represent. Despite opinion poles showing 96% of the public against the atrocity that is live exports, nothing more than meaningless words has come forth from the government.

Possibly the most obscene example of this was when the Bill to ban the export of veal calves was literally talked out of parliament by two Tory MPs; one read out of an encyclopedia, the other out of a phone book, meaning that there was no parliamentary time remaining for a vote.

Similarly, the High Court ruling that opened the way for live exports to resume from Dover, shows that the courts are open to similar abuses of power.

News from the ports

A number of ports have been involved with the trade, and not all are listed here (e.g. Humberside Airport, Grimsby Docks). Conversely, since these pages were first written a number of the following ports have ceased exports of live animals. For a graphical display of which ports are currently involved, look at this map

What the papers say