Shoreham - shipments to continue

Latest news as of 28th January 1995

At Shoreham, latest news is that claims that shipments will be stopped when the current contract runs out are untrue, as the port has since decided that it will accept shipments of livestock on a day-to-day basis. Philip Lacey, general manager of Shoreham port, has said "As far as I am concerned, the law of the open ports applies whether or not there is a contract. I see no reason for the trade to be stopped; the degree of disruption has been unfortunate, but not enough to prejudice the rights of other users."

The police operation at Shoreham has so far cost an estimated 3.5 million, with a further 4.5 million already budgetted for. There has often been 1000 police present, some drafted in from other counties. Some have been paid rates of 60 pounds of "blood money" per hour.