NEWSFLASH (1st February 1995)

Animal Rights Protestor killed under wheels of live export truck

[Updates as of 2nd February included in square brackets]

A 31 year old woman was killed today at Coventry Airport, underneath the wheels of a truck carrying veal calves. Reports are currently confused. It is claimed that two or three people were hanging on to the truck, and it had slowed down. It is not said whether or not it was showing any signs of stopping.

[There have been claims that police were waving the trucks on at the time of the incident. It seems that they only called for the truck to halt once the protestor had slipped.]

Elsewhere trucks have been driven forward when protestors have been directly in front of them. Perhaps the people whose twisted minds make them take part in the live export of animals will now at least take some care with humans - or maybe I am being too optimistic.

Latest reports say that Phoenix Aviation are suspending all further flights from Coventry, although it is not clear how long this will last.

[This claim turned out to be untrue.Phoenix Aviation did NOT suspend flights.]