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How to Pronounce the Name

Strictly speaking, it's a Welsh name, and should be written "Siôn", but circumflexes have a tendency to get lost anywhere near a computer, so "Sion" is acceptable. `Si' is pronounced `sh' so it sounds not entirely unlike `shone' although, as is the habit of such things, the vowel tends to get horribly mutilated by accent.

I have no connection with any failed Olympic bids (link broken).

Pieces of my fiction can be found here (and also in The Shared World Project). Sadly, I'll never be as good a writer as Geoff Ryman (but it could be worse). That's as much biographic detail as you're going to get, except to point out that I currently work for the people who brought you the Euroferret (and, in their spare time, the virtual pooh-sticks server).

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A miscellany of links, some of which I'm responsible for:

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My own pages are sort-of distributed across two or three completely independent hosts, which is one of the reasons they quote differing e-mail addresses for me. One of these days, I'll figure out how to manage it all.

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